Applications I have created for myself and made available for others to use.
Flight Simulation - FSX and P3D
FSTimeStay - This is a utility that keeps the time within FS constant at a user selected time. This is handy if you want to fly dawn/dusk and dont want the time to advance. Released around 2011?

(Note: Using this may affect AI or any other addon which depends on system time. If using time critical addons I advise you don't use otherwise you may have AI appearing/disappearing randomly, applications not working properly etc. Use it only for pleasure flying to see the amazing sights of dawn/dusk without having to reset the time)

15/03/2017 Updated to .Net 4 and layout changes.

Legion X - Tracking and flight logging
(back in development as of 1/11/2016 - major rewrite and restructure underway. Currently working on the reports display)

04/03/2017 Updated with new screenshots (few bugs showing ie FMC speeds not read, fuel total not calculated etc)
WYSIWYG Web Builder
Checklist Viewer - Loads text file checklists and gives ability to view sections and check/uncheck items.

21/02/2017 Upload of new version
My rig