Updated 05/02/2017

This application was designed for myself as I run it on a separate notebook next to my flightsim screen. It will probably be awkward if only using a single monitor as you will have to keep switching between the windows. This is best to run on a separate monitor/computer.

Added the PMDG 747-400 in anticipation of the nearly released PMDG 747 but I will add more aircraft that I fly later. The checklists can easily be created and edited by the user anyway.

Currently also includes flows for the Cessna 172, A2A Cessna 172 and a basic set of checklists for the PMDG 737 NGX though the 737 flows will be added later along with emergency and additional procedures.

The checklists can easily be edited and grouped into checklists, flows or other.

Version - B009

Added right click on the blue 'i' icon to display info in the right hand panel and the left click now only checks/unchecks the item

Version - B008

Updated help section
Added minimise button

Version - B007

Added reference tab to display reference/specification data
Added descent calculator
Minor layout changes

Version - B006

Each group position is now remembered so the groups can easily be selected between eg Flow group selected with the after takeoff flow list selected and then the checklist group is selected and the relevent checklist viewed clicking back to the flow group will resume at the after takeoff flow.

Added Emergency and Reference group buttons not yet implemented but these will offer emergency checklists and reference lists ie speeds, fuel and weight limits, sim notes etc to be viewed.

Added blue i to indicate information available for that item in the right display panel when clicked.

Click on an image to open fullsize in a pop up window.